June 24, 2012

Some videos from Middle Earth...

There's been a recent spate of videos with fantastical themes...

Sound of Arrows Conquest:

Conquest is one of my favorites tracks off SoA's brilliant 2011 debut, Voyage. This video is a surprise since I'd thought they'd stopped promoting the record. How they pull off these mini movies, I don't know. Are they from money?! This is like one of those very expensive, long commercials for Chanel or sports cars...

Alpines Empire:

Give love to Alpines. Empire is total grandeur and a worthy followup to their monolithic fall 2011 single, Cocoon. Let's hope we get an album from these two soon. They're giving us what Bjork no longer does - grand emotion mixed with edgy visuals. Catherine has a great blog, where she posted a behind the scenes on the making of the video.

Apollo Rope:

Apollo is a friend of mine who put together a solid, stylish video for his first official song, the string-laden Rope. He's working a sullen, punked-out water nymph slash waif thing. My fave bit is when his head seems to have burned off and all that's left is blue smoke... I'll bet I'm the first (and last?) person to connect him to Natalie Imbruglia. [xo's to the young man himself]

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