June 8, 2012

Quote Of The Week: Moz on Madonna

This doesn't need much of set up. It's Morrissey talking in Israel about Madonna, who just played Tel Aviv.

I saw Madonna in concert a few years ago in L.A. and the wasteful distribution of everything extravagant meant to distract you from the fact that she has no talent whatsoever. No one from the crowd wanted to hug her. No one in the crowd wanted to come closer to her. She's the most successful scam in the history of music and she never got a single complement from a person with an actual integrity.... She's not funny, she has no personality. You look at the stage and sometimes you forget that she's even there... But she has an expensive PR machine, so she was probably heavily promoted in Israel, while I would be found in the gutter with my face down, for identification purposes.
My response to Moz, who 1) hates everyone, but mostly himself and 2) whom I have loved most of my life: Please DO retire, you sexless fetid ol' cunt.


countpopula said...

While Moz seems to be nothing but negative about EVERYTHING these days, he has a few points. Unfortunately, retirement will only give him more free time to spew venom.

What I currently think is sad about him is the constant whinging about not having a record deal. This comes from one of the most revered male artists to emerge from the 80's college rock scene who still has a viable recording and touring career TO THIS DAY. WHO is he trying to fool that he needs the money to mount a proper campaign? Obviously nobody wants to work with Old Sour Grapes, so maybe he could fund it himself for once, instead of making us (his fans) suffer through the indignations of lack of funding and support. Many other artists have found ways to do things on their own terms now, and when you have a difficult personality like this, why should you be any different?

Who was he talking about again???

xolondon said...

What betrays him is the line "she never got a single complement [compliment?] from a person with any actual integrity." Not only does he hate her, he hates anyone who doesn't! But he fails big time, because the fact is that she seriously emotionally rocked people for 30 years. Not that he hasn't, of course, but he has become so bitter, as if all his success was not enough. He is like a pit that cannot be filled or a heart that can never actually BE made full.

countpopula said...

Unfortunately all this complaining is costing him fans now, including some of his biggest supporters. Does he really care? I suppose not. That is the true essence of Being Stephen M. If Elton & Co. can do it, why can't he? It reminds me of the old adage that people who put other people down do it to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities. Maybe he should look in the mirror more often.

Instead of a Lonely Heart's Club, maybe there should have been a Bitter Celebrities Club?

Anonymous said...

All of this would be find if he was still cranking out LPs like viva Hate, Bona Drag, Your Aresenal, but no. Every 3 years now he cranks out a total turd like that last boring, repetitve, phoned in Years of Refusal. Start trying harder, Moz!

Jams said...

This guy is a twat.

But I am soooooo fucking BORED by Madonna - she is utterly, joyless.

madhouse said...

so then, patti smith? no integrity.

and i just can't abide all these people slagging on her. who fucking cares what you think. she's doing her thing, you're doing your thing - respect in both cases. if you don't like her (or find her utterly, joyless) - who gives a fuck.

V said...
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