June 26, 2012

Will Young: I Just Want A Lover remix!

Wee Willy's final single from the epic Echoes era?

I just want a lover
Nothing that is complicated
I don't want to know you
We don't have to talk about it
Let us both discover
There is nothing better than just
Lying here together
Staring out the bedroom window

Preach! Note t
here's also an extended mix due out on Friday, June 29. I should add that I am not a huge fan of the video for this song. Yes, it's clever/cute/etc, but I think it would have been more unique for Will to move beyond his common man vibe and give us a sexy video.


John said...

I thought the video was brilliant, but it is kind of samey in its ordinary bloke setup. The remix: ANTHEM. Would love to hear this on a dancefloor.

Mike said...

I agree with you that the video, while cute, could have been so much better/sexier. This is my favorite track off of Echoes - was hoping he would do at least some type of George Michael pastiche with this one.

xolondon said...

RIGHT? I am pretty sure he could do sexy quite well. ;)