June 7, 2012

All I Wanna Do Is Talk Talk Talk To You

A recent photo of Fiona Apple

For your summer reading/listening, here are five worthy links on five worthy topics

1 The New York Times did a fantastic piece - Jon Pareles, as usual - with Fiona Apple. "Even when now there have been times that I’ve just felt so, so bad,” she said, “I can take myself out of it for a moment and go: "You watch, you’ve felt this way before, you’re going to feel great again. And then you’re going to feel terrible again, and then you’re going to feel great again."

2 Pitchfork interviews the potentially amazing Jessie Ware about her new music. "I started as a backing singer, where you had to let rip live, but SBTRKT taught me about "less is more" and he celebrated a softer delivery. I was really aware that I wanted the record to be listened to and enjoyed, and then I could push it more during the live show."

3 Shawn Colvin talked to the NY Daily News about her new album and book. "I’m a loving person, but I’m a lousy girlfriend. Obviously, it’s not my forte."

4 Gideon Coe interviewed Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn for BBC Radio 6. Fast forward to 2:10 (hrs). Tracey has some amusing comments about the inspiration for her forthcoming Christmas album - her fave pop Christmas tune is mine too: Wham's Last Christmas.

5 Popjustice did a long-ass piece with Cheryl Cole / Tweedy /just Cheryl who seems to not know what her songs or about (or even why anyone would care). "I don’t care that I didn’t write it, I just appreciate other people’s talents. I didn’t grow up listening to songs thinking, 'well they didn’t write it.' I loved those songs because they were great songs, and that’s still how I feel when I’m making my music."

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