May 1, 2012

Not up in '12? The sublime David's Lyre

David's Lyre is the professional moniker of Paul Dixon from Manchester, UK. He's been releasing music for the past 18 months, but finally put out a sublime debut album, Picture Of Our Youth, in February. Vocally, he reminds me a bit of (a more palatable) Dr Robert from Blow Monkeys, but the sound would fit right in with Patrick Wolf and even, at times, groups likes Camera Obscura. Some of the tracks have an 80's Scottish pop feel (English Roses), while others (Heartbeat) are totally in the now. It's a really accomplished, elegant debut record.

Before you get excited, this story has a fucked up twist: Dixon launched the album with the news that he was over the whole project and moving on. The major label experience had, it seems, crushed him and he wants to start fresh. So be it, but I hate planned obsolescence. In this staccato era, when we're pushed either patronizing shite from labels or indie bedsit fuckery, I want people to hear and love good music.

You can stream the album at soundcloud, but here are some of the highlights:

Picture Of Our Youth is out now on iTunes or you can pay what you wish for it on Bandcamp. Just pay him something. I did.

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