May 13, 2012

Mixtape: Just put your tights on, put your Vogue costume on.. .and that's your costume

I've been on a mini break from blogging for the last week. Sometimes you just need a lay down. Or a lay, haha. Anyway, here's a few tidbits piling up in my disco drenched brain:

Truth Or Dare has been re-released on BluRay and DVD. Check Holiday and others. What a classic! I have never owen it because I was waiting for a special editions, which this is not. No added scenes, nada. Somebody fire Guy Oseary please; Madonna's iconography is not going as it should be.

You can preview the debut album from Bright Light Bright Light NOW at iTunes UK. My review of it for Instinct Magazine is on stands in the US any day now. 5 stars. Meanwhile, check Rod's Soundcloud for lots of free mixes/mash-ups and keep an ear cocked Monday, May 14 for something special.

Rod's earlier single Disco Moment is featured on EQ's Poptronik compilation out now via Aztec Records. The excellent Bim and Van Go Lion are also on that mix.

Torr sent me a flickr link with loads of old cassette insert. I don't see many I had, but I do remember using Memorex all the time. I wonder if that company found something else to make!?

I did a piece for Idolator on Annie Lennox's Diva turning 20- and am also still slagging off terrible pop acts chosen by Mike Wass for the Pop Trash Addicts Panel. I am really slumming it with that one! [I kid]

Trashy Mike also did an interview with that hottie troubadour Jay Brannan. I am too mature to mention here that Jay karaokes while holding a hard pen*s as a mic in the movie Shortbus. Anyway, one funny (true?) pull quote from that piece: "If straight men had relationships with each other, it would never fucking work out."

I was prepped to dislike the new Florence + The Machine track Breath of Life due to bombast fatigue, but actually it's quite good. Check out this Making Of video - love how she dresses like a prim retro schoolteacher.

Ever au courant, Vogue has Jessie Ware. What do you think of her latest single, 100%? I am a bit mixed. Nice track, but not a slayer like Running.

I still love Penguin Prison. Here he is performing Don't Fuck With My Money at Coachella. He also sings the new song Hollywood with RAC. Check it here.

Watch a hilarious Beth Ditto filming with Gossip on their new video Perfect World (that song is a gem). Notice an odd deet: Beth says she is a singer in a band called The Gossip, but their official name is now Gossip. Anyhoo, I have a mad crush on the boi-ish Hannah from the group. She may downplay her feminine side, but she's quite a beauty. My friend Sergio did a cute video interview with the band over at Marie Claire.

Rufus Wainwright fans should get the version of his album with the DVD. It has a very nice short documentary and track by track that highlights everything I love about Rufus. My fave songs on the album are the title track, Jericho and the killer Sometimes You Need.

I don't like the new Fiona Apple song, Every Single Night. I know: shoot my sorry ass. A birdy tells me the album - can you says its full name? I cannot - is quite dark. All will be revealed.

Jury still out on the new Keane album. One thing for sure: there are a few songs on the deluxe (including the title track) that are better than album cuts. And the artwork is not as good as it should be.

Have already forgotten the new Alphabeat song - I love them, but it's beyond weak. A cute video almost saves it. Bring on the album.

What is gorge? Don't Stare At The Sun, a new song by Richard Hawley that, if it could be visualized, is bathed in an amber glow. A lovely song about his children.

I also can't stop playing the new Garbage song I Hate Love. The lyric remind me just how smart Shirley is: "They lay all their dreams on you. They let you in and you start to believe you're soft as a miracle. Unfurled, I was new and unfurled..."

Sex on wheels alert: American TV star Nathan Fillion back in the day.

I am worried that Paul Buchanan album is going to be a letdown. It's just him noodling on a piano over 14 songs. Some of the tracks seem more like fragments than songs. Sad recent news that The Blue Nile is truly finished - they just fell slowly apart. It happens.

The incred Rio by Duran Duran turned 30 this week. I remember buying this album to take to a church dance - hey, it was an Episcopal church (they are loose). It was such a glamorous packages and the songs are still fresh. I defy any current hot indie band to come up with a song as sharp as New Religion. No clue why Duran take such stick from hater hipsters? Regardless, snotty Quietus did a nice piece on them.

Sara Bareilles has a new EP out on May 22. Produced by Ben Folds! It's a concise 5 songs and it's called Once Upon Another Time. Get A FREE track, Stay, on her site.

I am still playing Marina and The Diamond's superb Electra Heart album. Right now it is the album to beat for top spot in 2012. My fave songs are Hypocrates, Sex Yeah, Valley Of The Dolls, Radioactive and Starring Role, but there isn't one duff track on it. I also have a tumblr tag with the amazing photos she's released from the project.

Speaking of tumblr, here are some recent highlights from my tumblr kicky&fresh:

Madonna shuffling on Lady Gaga's back

Florence at the Met Gala looking like a lacey bridal cake

Babydaddy and Jake Shears ready for action on the cover of GT

The rudest/funniest post I've reblogged in recent days

One Direction worried about touching male bulges

Excellent Causing A Commotion remix and super rare Madge pic

Finally, if your workspace is too quiet this week, check out my Music Player tag. Lots of faves old and new.

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I just saw this. It makes me love you even more deeply. And is a harsh reminder that another Pop Panel is long overdue!