May 28, 2012

Florrie's Late Return

That's the Andy Warhol polaroid-esque cover of Florrie's last independent
release, the new EP Late. It's out via iTunes on May 31st

Tracklist: Shot You Down, I'm Gonna Get You Back, Every Inch, To The End

The full story here.


countpopula said...

This sounds simply massive. Way to go Florrie!

Jason R Fisher said...

Cannot effing wait! My only disappointment is that she has recently been performing a song called "Without A Trace" that is amazing and yet conspicuously absent on the new EP. I suspect this is one of her "big" songs she is saving for her major label debut. Anyway, super excited just to have some new Florrie choonz.

xolondon said...

This will tide us over!

Dan said...

This sounds fantastic! Can't wait!

ClockworkNovak said...

Florrie has truly become the most consistently awesome popstar around. When even Madonna disappoints, Florrie is there to bring intelligent, electrifying pop back from the dead.