February 15, 2012

Playlist: You are the prince of charms

It was Valentine's Day yesterday - did you catch that? - but this post is not just for the lovers. It's for the singletons too. Everyone is worthy of a good jam. So to speak... as it were.

Cassie King Of Hearts hear it
On first listen, this is an endless chorus. That said, it goes super lush at about 2:30. Orchestrals, electronics, the works. I've always liked Cassie: she has a thin little bird voice, but she's got a great look and zero pretense. And this track, on constant repeat, gives me chills. Who knew?

I Belong In Your Arms hear it
This indie pop band has shined it up for a major Pop Moment with this lovely single. The chorus soars, but it's the propulsive movement of the arrangement starting at about 1:50 that really gives this song weight. Those chants at the end are f*cking epic. Case closed.

Lana Del Rey Radio hear it
Not quite uptempo, but then Lana rarely does giddy, does she? This one has a beautiful chorus - "My life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fucking dream I'm living in" - but it's the layered middle eight (from 2:15 to 2:40) that lifts Radio off the ground for me.

Sam Sparro The Shallow End watch it
We love this place, we love it! This is happiness is song form. Absolutely fantastic return from Samola. And that sax breakdown... horny horns!

Goldfrapp Yellow Halo watch it
Great songs, like books, must have amazing opening verses. The imagery in this seals it for me. And the music is bliss. "You said you wanted to fly / a silk red kite / or on arrows / To the moon / wearing all white."

Emeli Sande Mountains

Someone of PJ Forums called this the new Fast Car. Maybe. I think the problem is that, without the amazing string arrangement, the song will be a bit repetitive. That said, it has a strong lyric.I still think the LP is a snoozy letdown.

Smash Cast featuring Megan Hilty Crazy Dreams hear it
This is how you do it. Take a truly terrible song - Carrie Underwood's Crazy Dreams and completely revamp it into a Bruce Hornsbyesque mid-tempo ballad. Why can't the Idol ream come up with a winner's song like this? And yes, I love Smash, which I keep inadvertently calling Shame. Two different.. err... vehicles.

Madonna Give Me All Your Lovin' not recommended
Toni Basil is sitting on a couch, quietly sipping her tea, saying "Reductive." To my ears, one of the weakest Madonna singles in history, but the video is her best in years.

Other letdowns: The new Fibes, Oh Fibes song, Apex Of The Sun is very weak. Nor do I like much of the new Miike Snow music.

Again, most of these songs are for sale now on iTunes. Check yours. And then follow me on twitter!


countpopula said...

I think it's hysterical how you have Madonna as "not recommended", like we are just supposed to throw out 30 years of great pop because she has gotten lazy. Not her best, agreed, but dorky fun, nonetheless. Did she have any hand in writing this? She seems to be suffering from Kylie syndrome, where some of their best lyrics were the ones they actually wrote, and were more personal. I hope there is time left for them to get back to that a little bit, and stop worrying about how to top the last thing saleswise.

xolondon said...

Yes, that is exactly what I want you to do: Toss out the prior 70 singles because I don't like this one. :)

Seriously, I don't see how those previous singles should have any bearing on whether I like or dislike this one.

I don't even think it's dorky fun. This song is not worthy.

countpopula said...

Y'know I'm just pulling your leg, right? Let's start something Madonnahater!

Seriously, it's not necessarily the song I would have wanted from her either, so I'll just go listen to somebody more relevant like Whitney Houston. (I actually asked a 12 year old girl what she thought of the Whitney passing yesterday, and she had NO IDEA who that even was.)