February 11, 2012

My silent Valentine

Will Young singing Silent Valentine on Graham Norton, February 10, 2012. He's the master of the heartbreak ballad, isn't he? It's safe to say that Valentine's Day can often seem like a cruel, pointless holiday. Regardless, this performance is flawless, especially the middle eight at 2:08. The only thing missing is the shower of paper hearts that rained down on Will at the end of the live version I saw in London this fall.

Will's new single, Losing Myself, is one of my favorites on Echoes. If you don't already have that album, give yourself - ain't nobody else gonna do it! - a valentine and get it. Even if you live in America and have to order the "old fashioned" CD (the artwork is vare vare good!). It was my favorite of 2011.

UPDATE: Watch Will's new Losing Myself video - it's good stuff! - on my tumblr.


Anonymous said...

I always love your comments Stephen - where did you see Will in London?

xolondon said...

Shepherd's Bush on 11/22. LOVED it. Even bought the fab tour programme.