February 2, 2012

I wanna be next to Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro is finally releasing a new album, Return To Paradise, in May. He promises a record that is "a personal journey to self-fulfillment through the music of late 70s and early 80s" with more live instrumentation (versus electronics). Song titles include Bleeding Heart, Happiness, Let The Love In and the first proper release, an excellent track called The Shallow End...

Don't be alarmed if the floors shake, the promo has begun for Paradise! Sam just did an interview with Idol Magazine that's worth your time, and you should also catch his blog - which he recently revved up again when he went to the menswear shows in Paris. He's also doing a mini-tour of 8 US cities in April.

If you've forgotten - or never knew - why we should be caring about Sam Sparro, it really hinges on the still-epic Black And Gold, as well as tracks like Pocket and 21st Century Life.


John said...

Bring it!

There is something about Sam that I REALLY like. He just strikes me as a class act, and the music resonates with me.

My word verification was "faves"...yes indeed.

Ege said...

Myself, I really enjoy "Cottonmouth"

madhouse6 said...

i want to like sam, i really do - i just don't think he's lived up to his black & gold potential yet (that track was pure and amazing).

this song hasn't done much for me. :(

madhouse6 said...

that said, the back half of the track is killer - and that horn section was solid.

maybe there's hope for this?