December 14, 2011

Will Young, hung by the chimney with care...

Will Young is doing a little advent calendar thingy, complete with a horrible Christmas sweater (he seems prone to crushingly bad sweaters, especially in his TV series, Bedlam). Today's bit is the chance to win Christmas card from Will, which I entered. The contest, not Will himself.

Will Young's Twelve Days Of Christmas

Will has just announced a June 2012 tour of the UK - a forests tour. One would like to see Will in the woods, wouldn't one? No word on a new single. Meanwhile, he is going to place
very high in my end of year lists. How high? Stay tuned, willies.

UPDATE: We also love Will for THIS MOMENT at the Palladium Monday night, especially for his final comment: "Make sure you buy some merchandise."

Hat tip, Spitzer.

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Michael said...

"Come On" didn't make much chart impact, did it? Too bad, it's a great song and video.