December 9, 2011

I wanna be the one in control. Autoheart

It's been two long years since The Gadsdens released their beautiful single, The Sailor Song (watch it), and they are finally back, now called Autoheart. I asked Jody Gadsden about the new name and my suspicion was correct (I am wily like that): the name comes from a line in The Sailor Song: " I saw through your automatic heartache..."

is first track from their 2012 debut album and they've nailed it. Produced by Danton (Coldplay) Supple, it casts the band in a more uptempo setting.
This one really surges and soars...

Control by Autoheart

Control will be released as a free download on December 19 via the band's Facebook page (or now on the Soundcloud link!) If you want to know more about the band, I did an interview with Jody in late 2009. They also recently put out a teaser video - a gorgeous ballad call Only A Fool - check it out too.

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