December 3, 2011

Cover Story: Lana del Rey

Bee-stung Lana Del Rey is starting to reveal details of her debut album, including this cover image. Wow, am I disappointed. This girl's music evokes so many cool, old school images and this mugshot is what they choose? Fail. Perhaps this is just the single cover.

The next single is, obviously, album title track Born To Die, which you can stream below. In some sense it's more of the same. The vocal that was so unique on Video Games can seems a bit somnambulant or even drugged at times. Which is, I suppose the point! Regardless, this track has a booming chorus and some big budget, widescreen orchestrals.

When I was in England, a very famous record producer - I'll talk more about that later in December - asked me what I thought of Lana. I said, "Well, I love the two songs we've heard, but I cannot imagine a full album of it." She is being positioned as THE new icon, but this sound could get old fast. What do you think? The CD is out January 30, so we'll know soon enough...

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