November 2, 2011

You Need This Song: Everybody's On The Run

One of rock's great disappointments has been the inability of Oasis to live up to its first two albums. Their second disc, (What The Story) Morning Glory was the soundtrack to my first trip to England, so it now resides in a golden hue, pretty untouchable. There've been a few random gems since then, like 2008's Falling Down, but over the years the band have always sounded like they were trying too hard to make hits. Coupled with that was the fact that Liam's voice began to wear pretty quickly as he barreled his way through tracks.

Everybody's On The Run is the lead song on Noel Gallagher's long overdue debut solo album. And it's fucking stunning. A top tune. Aside from the anthemic "you gotta hold on" Britpop hook, Noel goes where he hasn't since the early days. He delivers actual beauty in the final two minutes of the song, in the form of a heartbreaking string break. This is lighters in the air, arms aloft stuff. Well done.

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John said...

Even the intro is epic...I'm really at a loss, other than to say "well done!"