November 17, 2011

Yasmin tokes up in Cuba

I've spent much of 2011 getting all torqued over Yasmin, a new pop diva who has the potential to go far. Her first two singles On My Own and Finish Line were blazing. She's also one of the most beautiful girls to hit pop in many years. And now we have her third single, Light Up (The World), out in January.

And it's terrible.

This is barely a tune propped on a rickety reggae beat. It showcases... what? The cleverest thing about the song is its punny title, placing "The World" in parentheses to emphasize...well, the toot toot.

That said, the video, filmed in Cuba, is gorgeous. She can't look bad and she actually smiles a lot, a rare thing in pop. Big money was spent on this, but its reliance on Ms Dynamite makes me wonder if Yasmin's route is more cliched than I'd hoped. Not even Freemasons can really save this one, and that's saying something...

Light Up (The World) (Freemasons Edit)


Let's just go back to the 'Masons mix of Finish Line, which is BLINDING.

Finish Line (Freemasons Pegasus Club Mix)


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