November 18, 2011

What London gave me

I am in London today. My first solo visit in many years. I've been coming here since 1995, when BritPop exploded. England has always been about music; there is always a soundtrack associated with each trip. Here are some songs that will forever be London and me.

Dubstar Stars | Memory: Sitting on my bed in a cute b'nb on Ladbroke Terrace in Notting Hill playing Stars over and over, having never heard it before that moment. That song has to be in my top twenty of LIFE.

The Divine Comedy Something For The Weekend | Memory: The CD cover catching my eye during a three hour spree in the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street - my idea of heaven, long since lost. I'd not heard of the band, but this song and the album cover were all I needed. I'd end up seeing Neil at an afternoon show in a TINY club in Virgina over ten years later.

Coldplay Yellow | Memory: Coldplay's debut single Yellow had just come out in July of 2000, the first time I was in London alone. The single cost like 1.99, so I thought "why not?" and ended up buying the album on that trip too. I still think this is their best song. Chris Martin looks like a 13 year old beggar in this video.

Keane Your Eyes Open | Memory: Another song that has never worn out on me, it's so beautiful. We had this moment with Keane, where male vocals were 80s style swoony and lush. I first heard this song lying on a hotel bed near Paddington. I remember it was a hot May and my traveling companions were napping while I played my new CDs on a Walkman. I also remember sitting by the lake in Hyde Park for hours, watching people. The best.


countpopula said...

Glad to hear you made it OK. Great songs listed--I have similar feelings about Divine Comedy, although I've never been to London :(--wait, that sounds like a Morrissey song title, right? (Maybe Bowie?) In any event, enjoy your time there. Maybe you could ring Sarah up and ask her what the heck is going on with that promised Dubstar reunion again? It seems rather quiet.

Jams said...

I am listening to Stars right now because of this post - a song I too fell in love with way back in my college years in 1995. The remix by Way Out West, with the slightly maniacal laughter and the euphoric piano line, was the absolute dog's knackers.

But what's going to be your London tune this time?

music obsessive said...

Sarah Blackwood is a star herself - one of the great all-time singles. And like countpopula says, what HAS happened to the reunion??

DanProject76 said...

Stars is one of the top Everyone Who Hears It Loves It Forever songs! I bought the original CD single of it (weird flat cardboard packaging one) purely based on the cover and cheapness and then they ended up all famous. I think it's time to dig out the remixes that Jams mentioned.