November 15, 2011

Mixtape: When we see London, we see...

So much has been happening. I'm sick as a mouse in an icy gutter, my hard drive with itunes on it died this week (so my iPod is suspended in time, no new music), and imma bout to hop a plane to London! I wanted to be there when it's lit up for Christmas, which reminds me of...

Every year there is one whackadoodle Christmas album - this year it's Weiland (good GOD!). I am excited about the She & Him Christmas LP (and yes, I will listen to Buble... why not?)

The Nicola was flipping the switch for the Christmas lights in Manchester this week. She looked super fetch.

Kate Bush is in Word. I have to admit I am nervous about this album - the kind of thing I may never play? One track, Misty, is 13 minutes long and the whole thing is slowwwwww.

Would you like to see Simon LeBon's doggies? Here they are.

An actual quote from Seal in The Guardian: "Contrary to popular belief, when my wife first saw me – in my cycling shorts – it wasn't my front bottom she liked, it was my bottom!" Whevs, Seal, your new album is another cheapass soul covers affair. Rod Stewart much?

Michael Stipe was never a "nice guy", always willfully odd. And he is so clearly over REM in this Guardian interview. I've decided that he almost ruins their gorge new song We All Go Back To Where We Belong by wailing in the last 20 seconds in a most grating way. Hear it for yourself.

The Guardian also interviewed Wee Willy Young a few weeks back and the gist was that's he's got it all figured out at 32. Right. Words of wisdom? "A low V neck is a no-no." he warns, wrongly I think. And then there's this bon mot: "There are still lots of people who don't want to think about" – he pauses and laughs – "anal sex, to be honest. And I don't have a problem with that." It's actually a really good interview that manages to include clothing advice and anal sex in one piece!

And then there is Laura Marling, interview by The independent. She is only 21, 11 years Will's junior and she is already over the music business! "In some ways, I'm just passing time until I can have children. I love music and I will make music always, but this lifestyle is already getting to me." Oy vey Laura! I should add that I saw her perform this fall in a synagogue in DC and it was literally amazing. Her voice was even better live than on record, the band was tight, the arrangements varied and she's really funny. See her live this time around - she has a major future in music.

If Marling decides to go AWOL, Beth Jeans Houghton is waiting in the wings. She's almost too much of the Marling Mumford ilk, but the new single Liliputt is solid.

I hope ya'll have seen in his new incarnation, Fingersnap, doing Amy Winehouse while he's signing CDs. I sound JUST LIKE THIS while paying bills...

I doubt I will ever play that Bjork album again. Seriously. Where are the songs. I know some will disagree, but I think it's her worst album.

Foxx On Fire is a new London band I am digging. Their single March Into The Sun is shimmering and harmony laden.

Have you seen how cute Nick Heyward is at 50? CHECK HIM OUT. He's recording a new album with Haircut 100, no joke.

My friend Doron interviewed Nerina Pallot for Notion Magazine. Nerina got up to some trouble this week when she basically tweeted that Little Boots new track, Shake, is shit. Whoops. I actually like Nerina more now!

Still loving my tumblr and still tweeting wayyyy too much... catch me there or on the streets of Londontown.


D'luv said...

Typos, my chylde: "ssuspected" & "I've sick as a mouse".

Bravo, Will Young!

Carry on.

xolondon said...

Corrected, sir.