November 2, 2011

It's never too late for Ghosts

WHO: Simon Pettigrew of Ghosts, the excellent Britpop band that released one underrated pop gem of an album, The World Is Outside, in 2007 before getting caught up in a nasty legal battle with, you guessed it, their music label, Atlantic. Among their greatest songs were Stay The Night and my favorite, Stop.

WHAT: Never Too Late is a powerpop epic culled from sessions for Ghosts' unfinished second album. Say You're Mine is more of a midtempo from the same period.

WHEN: You can buy it right now for 99p but it's not clear when or if Ghosts' next album will emerge. If you like that band, you'll love this song. Try it, it's cheap! You can also still buy their debut on iTunes or for a UNDER a pound on Amazon Marketplace.

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