November 8, 2011

Duran: No supermodels were harmed during the making of...

Girl Panic!

What a masterstroke. Duran Duran produces one of its best videos ever for its finest song since 1993's Ordinary World. In fact, Girl Panic! is essential Duran: tribal percussion, a fizzy rhythm section and synth lines as exhilarating as anything on their classic, Rio. The jagged final minute of this song is pure class.

Girl Panic!, the video epic, has London, champagne and Polaroid cameras [the older, cooler version of a cell phone snap?] and loads of Sexy. Tons of girls in skimpy leather, licking each other groupie style. Naomi probably does the best job, playing Simon, but Yasmin LeBon has the best moment as the side-man guitarist with no name ("As you know, we tend to change guitarist players a lot" quips as Cindy Crawford as John.).

John interviews Cindy playing John

Funny how the supermodels have aged better than the men (bar John Taylor, of course). Imagine that.

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countpopula said...

Great video, and I'd say it pays to have famous and beautiful friends. George Michael is sitting in a corner somewhere saying "Now why didn't I think of this???"

xolondon said...

Great point re George! He must be... #jeals

PhillipR said...

video of the year without a doubt!

xolondon said...

I wonder if there is an edited version that's just the song? I assume so, but I've not seen one yet.