November 4, 2011

Cover Story: Kate Havnevik

A graphic MOMENT from The Havnevik. Her album, You, is out soon. Here is a teaser, Castaway:


countpopula said...

Good spot here! I thought she had given up on music as I bought her last single a couple years ago and then she vanished. She even opened for Owl City in my hometown right before his first album went mega, although I think most of the teen girls in attendance were probably a bit bewildered with Kate's darker hues. In any event, I'm ready to buy my copy!

The Richard said...

that cover is COMPLETELY FANTASTIC. I mean. Beyond.

xolondon said...

Richard The Designer has given his stamp!!

Yes, Count, this album has been in development for like 4 years. TO be honest, that first song sounds like a lot of her work. Grand, but not a wowser return.