November 25, 2011

Commuter Love

Having just gotten back from a trip to London that involved what I calculate to be about 20 trips on the tube in five days, I am impressed by I Am A Camera's new single, Commuter Love. That city is filled with people I'd gladly drag down a tube tunnel for some "commuter love." Style and beauty moving fast through London town...

I'd love to tell you more about this band, also Londoners, but there is virtually nothing available on them. They're a duo and they create electronic music, s'all I know. The single is out December 4. They don't yet have a finished album - that's coming in 2012 - with some of it produced by Cameron McVey, aka Mr Neneh Cherry.

I Am A Camera - Commuter Love

Don't be thrown by the opening seconds of this video. The music, reminiscent of Human League, finally arrives 24 seconds in.

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