October 21, 2011

Emeli Sande's street symphony

Just days after Rihanna was smoking nine cigarettes at once with her bad Irish boyfriend in We Found Love, we now find Emeli Sandé having it off with Mr. Wrong in her new video for Daddy...

The video's solid, but the song is they key. It's one of the finest of 2011: a triphoppian epic with blazing strings. The kind of track that sounds great in your ears on a cold, grey city day or deep in the night.

Like Sandé's previous single, Heaven, Daddy is produced by Shahid Khan, aka Naughty Boy. In fact, the song's credit is "featuring Naughty Boy," which makes it sound like there's a rapper feature that, thankfully, there is not. The single is out November 20, with several remixes, but we have to wait until February 6 for the album, Our Version Of Events.

And let's just say this now: There is surely no one who is going to top Emeli for the BBC's Sound of 2012. We can end that contest right here, right now.


D'luv said...

"...a triphoppian epic..." This makes me want to spank you. HARD.

Love the song, and thanks for introducing me to it. It's yet to surpass the majesty of "Heaven" — which is vying for a place on my Top 10 of the year thus far — but it could get up there.

The album arrives a day before my birthday! Hint! Hint!

xolondon said...

You look hot for 50.

I'll be interested to hear if this one grows on you... the song, that is!

Talia said...

She can't actually be on the sound of poll fyi. You're only eligible if you've not had a top 20 hit by some date in November. x