August 1, 2011

Will Young's FREE song.

This is not a drill! If you have access to Amazon UK, you can now download a FREE, non-album track from Will Young. The Way That I See is a discotastic throw-down with a shimmering 30 second bridge that's far more elegant than the rest of the Pascal Gabriel-penned track.

Download The Way That I See now (UK only)

If that is a cast-off, what will the rest of the 12-song Echoes sound like? Music Week just did a piece on the project, which was produced by Richard X, though he did not do the writing. Will has a long history of producing solid b-sides/rarities. Among his best songs are My Needs, Easy, Gonna Get It This Time, Don't Look Down and the Bond-worthy masterwork, This Is Who I Am.

XO's Top Ten Plus One Favorite Will Young Songs

Hopes And Fears
Let It Go
Tell Me The Worst
All Time Love
This Is Who I Am
I Won't Give Up
Who Am I?
Love Is A Matter of Distance

What did I leave out?

Meanwhile, I have to admit the new video for Jealousy has let me down a wee bit.

Will Young - Jealousy from Pop Labyrinth on Vimeo.

If the embed wont play for you, click on the links below it. Echoes is released on August 22nd.

UPDATE: You can now hear short samples of all album tracks on Amazon. First thoughts: standouts are I Just Want A Lover, Runaway, and Losing Myself. Come On reminds me of a slicked up version of the Von Bondies track used on Rescue Me.
Which was true of the original version recorded by Kish Mauve.


John said...

There is this creepy vibe in Will's videos that I can never quite get around, but the song has grown on me. Now to find a kind British soul to hook me up with the free track.

Jason said...

Great list! For some reason I love "Grace." It is one of my favorite songs to sing loudly in the car!

xolondon said...

Pls record that Jason

Jason said...

There is not enough money or sexual favors to make that happen! :P

Jason said...

Please excuse the poor grammar in my last comment.

I am digging on "I Just Want A Lover," "Runaway," "Silent Valentine," "Personal Thunder," and "Hearts On Fire."

"The Way I See" is not horrible but it sounds a little Ace of Base meets BSB to me...

John said...

Jason, you say that as if it was a bad thing!

Jason said...

It's growing on me. I have a weakness for all things Will Young. LOL

xolondon said...

Jason: "there is not enough money or sexual favors to make that happen!"

Famous last words... famous last words

countpopula said...

Should I be more aware of this Will Young? It's not like Brits know who Fantasia Barrino is, do they?

I like the single a lot...shame as though we cannot hear said free song in the US.