August 12, 2011

The Nicola: Are you gonna take this golden opportunity?

10+1 Thoughts on Lucky Day by The Nicola (Roberts)

1. The song is already in the pantheon for its kissing sequence (0:27) "mwah mwah mwah mwah!"
2. Is that a wig?
3. I suspect this will be the album's Big Pop Moment. It's a Dragonette track, for godssake.
4. Hiring dancers to work for FIVE seconds, starting at 1:24
5. The revelation at 1:33 that The Nicola is a proponent of sperm
6. Thematic dance move in Lucky Day: use of imaginary finger cymbals
7. The moments (1:15, 2:55) when she looks like she cannot be bothered to lip sync. So Debbie Harry, that.
8. Banji Realness at 1:50 (translation: drag queen fierceness)
9. The hair flick at 2:33 is legend-making
10. The right? look at 3:06
11. Where is Samantha Jones? [Answer: uptown]


DanProject76 said...

One of my Pop Tunes of the Year for sure! Love the video too, and when it briefly leaked pre-visual effects but with onscreen notes about where the effects would go I actually thought it was some kind of clever post-modern pop video. Her first single was a horrible racket to my ears but this is just so nice: a change from the bland autotuned crap pop I see advertised on the TV for 'the young people' these days.

Diva Incarnate said...

Oh it makes sense to me now that I know it's a Dragonette track. I knew it was Nicola straight away when I heard it on the radio whilst driving, put the volume right up and proceeded to start raving about how amazing it was whilst my friend just sat there waiting for me to stop. It was such an unexpected moment of excitement, kind of how listening to the radio used to feel like a lot more often. said...


Michael said...

Great track and video.

countpopula said...

Great song, although I can't help but think Martina could sing it better. I am having a hard time getting past these veneers for some strange reason...I guess I loved porcelain Nicola and her former faults more.

Carrie Bradshaw wants her hair back. Oh, and someone should tell the poor girl she forgot to put her trousers on.

xolondon said...

Her budget was too small for pants.

Michael said...

Pants are so Cheryl Cole.

countpopula said...

More than Nicola, I'm just worried it's gonna start a no-pants-wearin' trend. Seriously, there are some people out there who should NEVER BE WITHOUT PANTS. If I happens, I am blaming the Nicola for the idea, and will never buy another one of her records.

PhillipR said...

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! Its is pure pop pleasure!

xolondon said...

Tapping my nails waiting for this album!