August 29, 2011

Lost Summer Classic, 2011: Josie Cotton

If you are of a certain vintage coolness, you'll know Josie Cotton's sassy 80's gem Johnny Are You Queer? WHO KNEW [insert quizzical hand motions] that she'd be back thirty years later to slay us with See The New Hong Kong. Written by Cotton, this is the most overlooked song of the summer. I mean, this woman is on it enough to rhyme pounding with Charles Bukowski.

The original version, from her new album Pussycat Babylon (purrr), is all wistful longing

He only knew the words
He never knew the song
A turn of phrase
That turned out wrong
He only knew the words
He never knew the song

The Loverush UK Club Mix adds a beat, but sustains the melancholy. It's literally cooling in its airiness and calm. The piano motif they added (prominent near the end) is gorgeous.

There are things we'll never know
and faces we must let go
People that I will always remember
Until the twelfth of never

Download See The New Hong Kong from Josie's site or buy it on iTunes.

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