August 9, 2011

kicky&fresh, my new Tumblr

I am trying out tumblr, purely for posting images I like that seem too random to devote to a blog post. One of the first is this gorgeous vinyl single cover from Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy (later of The Lilac Time). They don't make them like this anymore. Now, album art - what singles? - is dominated by headshots that will look good on a tiny iPhone.

kicky&fresh::the xolondon tumblr

I've been down that amazing London street in the photo, Roupell Street, and it looks just the same 25 years later.

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countpopula said...

It's a gorgeous photo. Let's just hope this London street stays this way. Can't believe rioters torched the Sony/Play it Again Sam warehouse. Thousands of great records on CD and vinyl just went up in smoke. Not to mention the damage to jobs and innocent people's lives. Idiots.