August 6, 2011

Cover Story: Do you see what I see?

In word association, when you say Andy Bell, I say Easter Vagina With Butterflies. Right? It's pretty. It looks sweet. But would you eat it? Lips like sugar indeed. Meanwhile, Chartrigger says the album is "light years better" than the last one.

Where In The World Is Leslie Feist? Up a tree? Natch. One wonders if the other images for this album campaign will have her perched on natural wonders shaped like the letters E I S and T.

Here is where we spin The Nicola's superb new single. The tumblr jokes have already been taken and I am not one of those boys who likes to rub up against a vibrating dryer. If you ARE, please report in the comments about how that went. And if you've not read Peter Robinson's interview with Nicola, it's typical shitsngiggles fare.


countpopula said...

I quite like the cover, and cannot wait to hear what Frankmusik did here. Still, I actually liked Light at the End of the World a lot, and tire from the constant bashing. Sunday Girl, I Could Fall in Love With You, Fly Away, Storm in a Teacup--all great. The second half drags a little, but When a Lover Leaves You and Glass Angel are simply beautiful. I also like Sucker for Love (sorry people...)

Dan said...

I liked Light at the End of the World as well. With the exception of The Innocents, Erasure is by and large a singles act for me.

But seriously, I think it's supposed to be a heart. However, I saw a vagina too.

countpopula said...

Have you heard the self-titled album from 1995? It's my favorite Erasure album with long and beautifully extended passages, some up to 10 minute songs. It proves Erasure can be fantastic at album structures when they want to be.

xolondon said...

Fingers and Thumbs is my fave Erasure song by FAR