July 28, 2011

You Need This Song: Solid Shoulders

In a cosmic twist, it happens that exactly one year to the day after I fell in love with Judie Tzuke's gorgeous song If (When You Go), I crush hard on her new single, Solid Shoulders. If you are prone to high drama, walking around with massive strings orchestrating your every move, then this song is a tonic - or a catalyst - for you. Released with The Goodes (but all Judie on vocals), it pulses, bangs, dips and swoons... one of those urgent, string-laden epics that could collapse under its own weight, but never does. Needless to say, the topic is love. A bit of a spoiler: the "don't leave me hanging" ending is a moment of genius.

The Goodes ft Judie Tzuke by BigMoon

Judie's never been better than she is right now, nailing track after track. In a few weeks, Johnny Boy Would Love This, a tribute to John Martyn will be released. Judie's faithful version of Hurt In Your Heart is a major highlight (and a tearjerker).

Follow Judie on Twitter and at her website. Check your country's iTunes for Solid Shoulders. It is on US and UK for sure, as well as on Zune.

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celibate said...

Thanks for this! I loved loved loved "If (When You Go)" so am definitely downloading this track. BTW, its available on iTunes UK at http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/solid-shoulders-feat.-judie/id452836119.