July 11, 2011

Will Young: It feels like jealousy

Will Young's new single Jealousy premiered on Bridddish radio today.

First thoughts: Solid track, if almost all chorus with potentially not enough wailing.
Favorite line: "And I’m on, down on my knees." Indeed, Willy. I need to let this sink in... deep. haw haw.

Update: this song is BLAZING. Full stop.

Be sure to read Popjustice today about Will's new album, in which Peter says of Jealousy:
The album version of the single is in fact a little bit better, partly simply because it goes on a little bit longer but also because the intro unfolds with more power.


John said...

There's something about his voice that I would follow, no matter what genre of music he sings. Having said that, it's a terrific chorus without much around it. The bridge could have been EPIC with just a bit more vocal.

John said...

And I just read on Popjustice that there is more to the album version that gives the track more power. Here's hoping...

xolondon said...

Thanks John - added it to the post.

Diva Incarnate said...

Very repeatable. I've not been into him for quite a while.