July 10, 2011

Suego Faults is a just a dream that I'm waking up from now

Wolf Gang have been playing all over the UK in anticipation of their debut album, Suego Faults. Here is a live version of the new single, The King And All Of His Men:

Aside from the forthcoming Penguin Prison album, Suego Faults is the finest debut album since Florence + The Machine a few summers back. I have heard the final 10-track album and it lives up to its promise. The title track, about an elusive utopia, is colossal. We've heard three strong singles thus far, but the album has several previously unheard surprises, including the midtempo Where Are You Now and an Elton John-meets-Queen progrock ballad called Planets. The band (well, Max McElligot, with producer Dave Fridmann) took their time making the record and you can hear that in the richly detailed results.

Max is currently recording an acoustic version of the album (a la Frankmusik's Completely Me); I assume that will be available online. Until the proper album's release on July 25, here are some samples...

Suego Faults (30 sec)

Stay and Defend (30 sec)

Midnight Dancers (30 sec)

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countpopula said...

Them's some big words! I hope it lives up to the promise--it sounds good, but Dave Fridmann has given a lot of people "his sound", and there are elements of this that remind me of Foster the People and early MGMT.

Speaking of great debuts, there were a bunch in the last couple years that have gone awfully silent. Any news on La Roux? Little Boots? Marina? Sam Sparro? I guess Frankmusik has something coming, and produced the new Erasure album of all things...

Is Sound of Arrows really coming? Where is Dangerous Muse? There have been lots of bands like these floating around for a while that never seem to release anything we can pay them for...

How do you have the Penguin Prison record, and is it really that good??? I loved the singles.