July 19, 2011

Night music.... Jessica 6

Only New York can produce a group like Jessica 6. Their name has cool origins: it's Jenny Agutter's character in the wonky sci-fi classic Logan's Run. But the music also has a surprising source - if the impossibly cool lead singer Nomi Ruiz looks familiar, it's because she sang with Hercules and Love Affair. That band's fortunes have diminished after a weak new album, but this is solid city-pop.

Their debut album, See The Light, came out June 6. The title track, a favorite, is sweaty night music that builds over five minutes in a frenzied orgasm of sound. Pitchfork has a free MP3 of the group's collaboration with their old friend Antony Hegarty. It's called Prisoner of Love and it's blazingly cool, with the best layered montage of sound in its final two minutes since Pet Shop Boys and Dusty wailed over What Have I Done To Deserve This. There's even a smokey, 70's-esque ballad, Not Anymore, that begs for a glass of wine and a rainy window.

Prisoner Of Love:

See The Light:

Some videos to wet your lips...

A perfect album for summer. One that will have you marching around town, feeling fierce. Thanks to FredHystere for writing about Jessica 6 way back in April. Get See The Light on iTunes now.

Update: Russlan sent me to hear a new b-side, East West Funk. Check it.


russlan said...

You know what Jessica 6 track is REALLY COOL? the B-side to Seee The Light, called East West Funk, have a listen:


xolondon said...

Just updated my post! THANXXXX

countpopula said...

I bought this CD the day it landed in my store. Really great album. In the Heat is also amazing.

I feel bad for Hercules for the mediocre reviews they've been getting, but I wonder why Nomi didn't stick w/them? Some will claim this is a Hercules repeat, but this seems to be more Herc than their new album is. Even Antony is back! Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Steve! The vocals do really transform Prisoner of Love into something special. I had heard of Jessica 6 but never heard them. I think they're just that bit more accessible than Hercules & Love Affair or Antony's band. For being from NY the sound seems British in some ways. They are playing a show in NYC next week. A number of their songs are also available for free download at http://www.rcrdlbl.com

zen~ said...

The j6 album has a very strong first half and then it just loses momentum, IMHO. The slower songs in the latter part remind me of Toni Braxton, which is probably not a good thing.

Still, if it was an 8-tracker it would be delicious from beginning to end! Prisoner of Love is one of the singles of the year.

Jason said...

Her voice reminds me of Julia Fordham a bit.