July 25, 2011

Mixtape: All fired up

That image above was supposed to move. Bizzotch was supposed to be waving her hands in the air like she just don't care. And then she froze up.

Little bits:

Cute video of Beth Ditto losing her shit when she met George Michael last weekend at Lovebox in London.

Will Young, nipples, bulge, leotard! Holy Moly previews his new video.

Two blazing Adele remixes at Pop Labyrinth.

Bjork in Billboard talking about her new project. This app talk holds no interest for me - I don't have an iPad, nor am I a gamer.

Noel Gallagher's new single is called The Death of You And Me - is that about him and Liam? I like Noel's voice more than Liam's, but this one is a bit plonkety plonk for my tastes. Not a grand return with a new sound.

Speaking of plonkety plonk, I cannot listen to the new Feeling album. Sad days. The upcoming single, Leave Me Out Of It, is perfect, but the rest is meh. They needed a much firmer guiding hand in the studio. This is not 2006.

How about a new Wild Beasts song? New b-side Catherine Wheel. Verses are solid, chorus is not!

Beth Ditto again! She performed Vogue in her underwear
in Moscow. If that's not legendary, children, I don't know what is. AND THEN Guy Oseary tweeted that he'd showed the clip to Madonna - she thought it was great. A duet between M and Beth is beyond desired.

When I am looking for new music, I always always check Indie London's Singles Of the Week.

Look out for our girl Florrie in this segment with Xenomania from Helen Terry's BBC series Secrets of the Pop Song,

Speaking of which, the fact that Xenomania produced the only Saturdays song I can tolerate is no coincidence. All Fired Up.

OMD always had such great artwork, didn't they? More cool 80's art from the brill tumblr 80s Record Party.

Leslie Feist has a duet with country crooner Doug Paisley, of all people. It's called Don't Make Me Wait and you can stream it now. And of course, Feist is slowly launching her own new album, Metals, via her site.

D:Ream are giving away an all new (and vair vair good) version of their track Sleepy Head! Download it now for free.

Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize noms. Who do you pick? I choose Yamin's Finish Line.

Apparently Foster The People are very very good live.

Have you seen the live clip of The Nicola singing her new single, Lucky Day? This one sounds more commercially "viable." Love how she turns her back to the audience and hold out her arms with the thumbs up. Diva details...

The new track by Paul Weller, called Starlite, sounds like the return of The Style Council. Which is a good thing.

What Your favorite 80's band say about you... Mine is Culture Club: "You have woken up under someone who was dressed as a dark elf." True.

The stonkers new single is Fair Warning. "You know I'm just a man with needs / This is a typical disease."

You can stream the new M83 single, Midnight City, now. No big surprises, but the sax ribboned through it at the end is lush.

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? Mark Ronson & The Business INTL featuring Boy George (of course) and Jonathan Pierce (the irritating one from The Drums):

Final thoughts: 1) Follow me on le twatter and 2) Hurry up Ladyhawke.

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