July 6, 2011

Cover Story: Two Men and a Legend

Where in the world is Wee Willy Young? I like this image, but I would like it more if 1) he was not about to get run over by a truck and 2) if he was in a discernible place like, you know, like the center of London or
where he belongs, maybe atop that column in Trafalgar Square. Or. atop. me.

Penguin Prison goes all arts and craftsy with this folky cover, which I actually like. I appreciate any artist who does not just follow the bizness suits and slap up a headshot because consumers are too thick to understand whose album this is.
Well done you, Double P.

None of the above applies to Miss Grace Jones, unless you prefer the previous (sub)version of this cover better. The Euro/UK image was creepy and consistent with her earlier work, while this US version mines the legend. Her Essential Divaness. Never stop the action.


Jason said...

I would have preferred one of the images that he posted on FB last week but this is pretty gorge. Where's the song!?

Myfizzypop said...

the song premieres on radio 2 (!) this very Monday morning. How tres excitement!!