June 17, 2011

This is a story about control.

Black Room's new single Control is their best music since the brilliant Pop Noir album from 2009. You can buy it on itunes (worldwide) now.

Speaking of which, I asked band member
Pål Myran-Håland if they were doing a new album. "Yes, there is an album in progress! We're looking at an album release in autumn 2011."

But what about the brilliant and now missing-in-action Pop Noir, their first album? "We're currently working on getting it available worldwide. It's all about legal issues, but we're doing all that is in our power to get it out there to our fans."

And that's the story for now. Stay tuned. I'll at least figure out whether they are Black Room or Blackroom!

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1 comment:

KulPop said...

The guys replied to me on Twitter a while back that it is indeed now 'Blackroom'.

Great news that a new album is in the works and I hope that the 'Pop Noir' cd becomes more easy to purchase.