June 7, 2011

Prince: A reason to turn purple

Today is the 53rd birthday of Prince. Let us remember him at his height (pun!) with the song above, which was one of the boldest and most innovative singles of its time. What I said last year still stands. Since that time, he released a truly awful record called 20Ten, which he had to give away in a truly shoddy British tabloid.

To quote me...

There was a time when every move Prince made was anticipated as a world event. Each album release was greeted with excitement and a knowledge that he would take you to a new place he (and you) hadn't been before. Now we've had more years of bad Prince albums than good... Prince is his own undoing.
Having said all that, I know that The Purple One still is blowing audiences away with his live shows, where he shows a limber vitality totally lost in his studio input.


Anonymous said...

Of course, you're right on the money again. I saw Prince in 2007 live and he's simply an incredible artist. Something just doesn't work in the studio.

One could substitute Gaga for Prince in your comment - but I doubt she'll sustain a career into her 50s - perhaps not even her 30s.

Jason said...

If only Prince and Warners would make nice and remaster his old stuff (with bonus tracks: throw open those vaults [well the stuff from 1980-1988 anyway])