June 23, 2011

Mixtape: Watch Me Now Edition

All videos for this mixtape...

Rufus Wainwright releases his 19-disc box set on July 18. It'll cost £160, so Universal UK has put together a video of what you'll be getting for your dineros. More info in this earlier post.

Note that Rufus has a five-night stand at the Royal Opera House in London from July 18th-23rd.

Have you heard new British band Spector yet? Here is their debut single, Never Fade Away...

Kylie inspires men to propose to one another onstage. Sweet video:

Last week was probably hard for Lady Gaga: A major misfire with her weak Edge Of Glory video and Haus Of Gaga's Laurieann Gibson turning cruelly on fans via twitter. But Gaga again reveals [cliche drums!] the redemptive power of music with this appearance on Paul O'Grady:


Patrick Wolf talks to Drowned In Sound about Lupercalia and presents this wanky promo video:

Catching up with Roisin Murphy:

Thanks to
The Hopeless Optimist, the best Roisin source. Which reminds me, Ro is on the new The Feeling album - a track called Dance To The Lights. Not my fave, but worth checking out.

Stars have released a hilarious new video for We Don't Want Your Body. I love how you cannot tell which bodybuilders are man and which are women when they zoom in on their crotches at the end.


Jason said...

I have mixed feelings about this Rufus boxed set. "Reproduction of a half-drawn comic book"?? What about his childhood arts and crafts?

xolondon said...

It's kind of a cash cow. There is very little that is new to someone who has made an effort to get all his stuff.

And yes, who gives a shit about a kid comic!?

countpopula said...

I can't help but watch that Lady Gaga performance and think, "this is the woman who brought us 'Pokerface'"? Seriously, look at how far she's come in like, TWO YEARS. I love Pokerface too, but would you have ever thought she had a voice like that in her? Truly deserving of the tag: amazing talent. Hopefully she doesn't push it too much though, or she'll end up not being able to sing for a while.


DanProject76 said...

Another Stars single? I thought that album was all done with. Nice video.

Patrick Wolf seems to be taking over my ears at the moment with the album arriving in the 'flesh' and that extra disc plus a certain pair of House b-sides. Album of the year, here.