May 9, 2011

Top Ten Plus One Reasons The Edge Of Glory RULES

In a "startling" turn of events, after starting to truly loath Lady Gaga, I have fallen hard for her new song, The Edge Of Glory...

1 The vocals. No fake accents, no spoken jive or histrionics. On Edge Of Glory, her singing is pure.

2 The lyrics are devoid of religious mumbo jumbo or crap phrases like "Chola descent."

3 The lyric is double entendre. She has claimed that this song was inspired by the death of her grandfather, but it sounds like she's pushing her sexual limits in bed with a lover.

4 The fact she does not name-check herself at any time during the song. Gaga no no no.

5 The Calvin Harris-y party synths throughout and the burbling, low synth on the second verse juxtaposed by the rock diva - Cher? - heaviness of the chorus. A song called The Edge Of Glory better be anthemic and it is.

6 Clarence Clemons sax break! Part of a trend to bring the sax back to pop. Followed by a gorgeous bit at 3:32 where a spiraling synth comes in.

7 The fact that the essentially instrumental "middle eight" is actually 1:00 long. At 5:20 in length, The Edge Of Glory actually breathes.

8 The vaguely religious element the synths provide throughout the track fits nicely with the idea that this song is really about your final moments on earth. It's a proper album closer.

9 The with you with you with you adlibs on the old school vamp (4:31-4:58) are fabulous - the parts you sing in a car.

10 A wicked final 20 seconds where the song kind of disintegrates into an electric hum.

11 I have literally hated her last two singles, but I'm a sucker for a twist. She soars when she holds back a bit. Gaga's weakness is self consciously playing hard at BEING "Lady Gaga" for her fans, rather than just being. Some of the best art comes from restraint.


countpopula said...

I actually quite like Judas and Born This Way, but you are right that this is the best of the three. It would fit right in with the Katy Perry/Pink stuff that seems so popular on radio right now. Why wasn't this the single? Will Interscope change their attack strategy?

Paul said...

Judas is growing on me finally. The Hurts remix helps. This is good, but i can't help but feel it seems a bit better than it is because BTW and Judas were such a let down (for fans anyway, not sure i class myself in that!) The sax break is straight out of Debbie Gibson's Should've Been The One :P

Eric said...

There is something decidedly Bonnie Tyler about the whole affair. It's like they took one of her old 80s songs and remixed it. Better than Judas.

xolondon said...

Totally true, Eric. It's very Holding Out For Hero anthemic!

music obsessive said...

You're quite right, she is so much better when she takes her foot off the gas and just lets Then you get something sublime like 'Bloody Mary' - wow, she can write a great tune when she puts her mind to it.