May 17, 2011

Those Dancing Days

All things good come from Sweden. Stockholm, in the case of Those Dancing Days, the all-female quintet with fab names: Cissi, Linnea, Lisa, Mimmi and Rebecka. Their new single is Can't Find Entrance (above) - kind of a fall song, isn't it? - and the new album is Daydreams & Nightmares. Swedish indie pop.

You can also watch the album's first video, I'll Be Yours. Here's a sampler of several songs on the disc...

Those Dancing Days //Daydreams & Nightmares

Thanks for the heads up, Torr!


DanProject76 said...

Perfect for today! Sweden seems to know how to get music just right, another album I'll probably end up buying.

Paul said...

Oh this is really lovely indeed. How did I not know about it?!