May 4, 2011

Playlist: Hold me to it.

This is, sadly, not me.

I went to Kylie this week, yes I did. It was dizzying and glittery and loving. But that is not quite my mood. Here are some new songs I've been playing a lot... all of these are available now.

Holy Ghost! Jam For Jerry hear it
The intersection of New Order, New York and Electronic is pop heaven. "If I could change it all I would, if only I could. You can quote me, hold me to it."

Wild Beasts
Albatross watch it
Teaser from their gorgeous, pensive third album.
"I blame you, I blame you for all of those things I've been through. Don't feel bad, don't upend. It's my neck around which you hang."

Estelle Break My Heart hear it
Her third album has been in development for ages. This song is a melancholy winner, managing to be classic 70's soul mixed with a tinge of Massive Attack grandeur. "You want me to trust you, but how can I trust you, when I don't know the first thing about that... I just wanna love you baby, I don't wanna waste no time."

Stevie Nicks
This wistful new track is the best ballad on Stevie’s new album. Yes, it is inspired by Twilight - ignore that fact and focus on the star-crossed love.

Patrick Wolf
House hear it
A dream of love. Patrick's most uplifting single in many years.
Gone are the dark metaphors, replaced by a straightforward paean to domestic bliss. "So let seasons turn, grow paradise garden. And to my migration, the native has returned."

Friendly Fires Strangelove hear it
Yes! Fires do an able, skizzy version of Depeche Mode's classic. Percussion, industrial noises and a smooth icy vocal. This should be on the iTunes version of their new LP, but it was released on a charity record in late 2010.

Again, most of these songs are for sale now on iTunes. Check yours.


D'luv said...

Thanks for crediting me for turning you into a Holy Ghost! stan, whore.

Can't wait for Kylie - two weeks from tonight.

Paul said...

it's a sad day when action men are more stylish than me. though i'm off to spend my birthday vouchers today so there's hope for me yet.

I really need to check out Holy Ghost after raves from you and D'Luv. I have the Stevie Nicks album to listen to today and after being told it's career defining I really must give it a whirl. said...

That Patrick Wolf song is amazing! said...

I had to comment again; I heard The City, and it is amazing too. I cannot wait for Lupercalia!!

xolondon said...

Duane I have a song for you. Stay tuned.