May 26, 2011

The Nicola Solo: My first post

Come now, isn't life a little better with a pair of good shoes?

More from The Nicola (Roberts), preparing the launch of her new single, Beat Of My Drum. How long have we been waiting? Will we be able to leave our houses before its release on June 5?

In other news:

Nicola talks about her album with RWD
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And listen to part of the wicked bonus track, Porcelain Heart:


J said...

Really excited abotu what Nicola will have to offer, this is a great track and only a b-side, the album will hopefully blow our socks off, and with all the Cheryl Cole furore surrounding X Factor, the UK needs a new darling. said...

Okay, kind of LOVING Beat of My Drum right now. LOVING. I, of course, blame you.

xolondon said...

My work here is done!