May 6, 2011

Mixtape: The wedding list

One week ago I was getting dressed for the Royal Wedding. In my bedroom in Amereeeka. While most recent music has made me cover my ears like that little bridesmaid, here is some stuff you should know about...

For those who did not hear the BBC 4 interview with Kate Bush, check out an extended version of it here. I am a bit nervous about her new record. At the very least we get an improved sounding version of The Sensual World, which I love, on the boxed set version. As for another album, she says she has written her new album on the piano, but it's still being recorded. I love it when she says, "I thought Hounds Of Love was quite good." You think, Kate?

Great news about Alison Moyet: Her next album is produced by Guy "Frou Frou" Sigsworth, which translates to what might the her best record yet. She just did a lengthy interview with The Quietus.

Kylie tour spoiler pics at Brooklyn Vegan.

Sarah Nixey's album is out this coming week and I hear that Microfilm have done a soon-to-be-released remix for her... one that is "lush and pretty." When Matt K (of Microfilm) gives the clear, I'll play it here. Last year they did a sublime mix of Roisin Murphy's Momma's Place.

Wotyougot has a link to a long interview with Hurts. Once they start talking football, don't bother with the rest. The questions are like, "What's the best goal you've seen this year." Zzzzzzzzzz

Will Young has finished his new album. He tweeted that the single have already been chosen. AND here he is talking it up (well, the album, not IT).

I am AMAZED that there are not even any clips out yet from Pala, the second Friendly Fires album. Reviews are coming in and I am beside myself, fizzing at the slit for this record. UPDATE: See this.

Robyn. Her new remixes are out soon for Call Your Girlfriend. Check some out here and also be sure to watch the documentary on her, which begins at this link. You need to turn on the closed caption for subtitles.

Noel Gallagher has a solo album out this September. I was somewhat disappointed by the Beady Eye album, which was Oasis minus Noel (but with better vocals from Liam).

A website you need to link to... Nicola Roberts. Swoon.

Thanks to Phil for this link to Word Magazine's podcast in which Neil Tennant talks about his days as an editor at Smash Hits (and, of course, 25 years of the Pet Shop Boys).

Rolling Stone likes the new Stevie Nicks' album a bit more than I do. My favorite tracks? Moonlight, Secret Love, Annabel Lee, New Orleans, and Italian Summer.

Penguin Prison, one of my most awaited artists for 2011, has switched labels and will announce new music soon. Expect the single to be Multi Millionaire.

The snotty Independent and I actually agree that the new Wild Beasts album (Smother) is incredible. More typically, they dislike my favorite songs from it (Invisible, Loop The Loop, Albatross). You can stream it here.

Pete Lawrie, who did a pretty song last year called All That We Keep, finally has a debut album out. A Little Brighter gets a good review here.


zen~ said...

It warmed my heart to read that the new album with Guy will be 'electronic'. Alison's cruelly ignored track with My Robot Friend strongly suggested that this should be her musical pathway again.

zen~ said...

Oh, this is a little bit OT: but I feel you have by-passed/overlooked (I maybe it is I who has on this blog) Austra and their phenomenal single LOSE IT and up-coming album FEEL IT BREAK. To me, Austra are like Florence and her machines delving more into the machine and coming up smelling of musical roses....