May 31, 2011

Mixtape: Shine your lite

Apparently it was a (bank) holiday Monday in America and the UK. I actually had
5 days off, darklings, so Tuesday will be a harsh slap of reality. POP is my arsenal.

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I love
Rose Elinor Dougall (ex Pipette, now solo folk-pop warbler). She just did an interview with Vagabondiana and she's typically intelligent and warm.

The awesome writer Joe Stone interviews Patrick Wolf.

Does The Saturdays' - never liked them- new single, Notorious, actually have a chorus? You be the judge.

Kylie Minogue's new remix bundle for Put Your Hands Up (with a new b-side, Silence) is on both iTunes US and iTunes UK.

Debbie Harry
in The Guardian for Blondie's new album, the brilliantly title Panic Of Girls. She says, "Our lyrics have sociological things in them, mixed up with romantic ideas and New York City hipness. We're inspired by film, TV," she says. Will the album be as great as she wants it to be? We'll see. A lot of it is comprised of that lite reggae they used to do, but I do know that Love Doesn't Frighten Me is worthy of a download.

Pink is pregnant. Bigtime. I love Michael K of Dlisted. He says, "This is pretty much what Tyne Daly looked like at her Fried Green Tomatoes audition."

NME does a track-by-track of the new Wolf Gang LP, Suego Faults.

The new summer issue of Instinct Magazine has my review of Rumer's debut (coming to America any moment). I am not kind. Here is a sample: "Touted in England as a Karen Carpenter heir, Rumer is so languid she makes Susan Boyle sound like Courtney Love."

The new CeeLo single is one of is most beautiful songs, I Want You, but it's been jacked up by a shit remix. Booyouwhores to that.

In the Britpop category, The Kooks have a new album coming out on Sept 12: Junk Of The Heart. Deatils at NME. I ADORE Naive and several other tracks, but their second album Konk (2008) was utter shit.

Listen to Howard Stern viciously deconstruct Lady Gaga's HBO show. His imitation of her is hilarious. "I thought you did [the Monster Ball] so you could live next to Oprah in Montecito."

Alexis Petridis on
professional songwriters in the age of the extinct album
Billboard editor Bill Werde talks about the impact of Amazon's 99 cent Gaga album download on the charts.

Poor Cheryl Cole, etc etc, dumped from both X Factors in some Machiavellian scheme by Evil Simon Cowell. What should she do? Ask Popjustice for advice.

3 new song titles you may not have yet heard of:

1. Talk Talk Talk is the new Darren Hayes affair. Cool news on that coming soon.

2. Bjork song title from her new CD Biophilia: Virus

3 New Coldplay song this week! Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Hard Candy Music offers up a smooth Walter Sobcek remix of Keren Ann's My Name Is Trouble. I love this song, though I ended up finding it a read herring for a pretty boring album.

If you are curious, I had zero interest in the Human League album. Total piece of tosh. And it pains me to say that.

is now recording his 7th album with Mark Ronson. Expect dance music, however that will sound. He needs to do this - something happy and light and carefree - even if he will never be a chart-topper. Until that can be heard, there is the mega boxset, now with a proper tracklist.

The 90s are back:

Pulp reunited in Barcelona last week. Check their new website for info. Here's The Telegraph's review.

Pulp's fellow 90's icons Suede start releasing their remasters this week with their debut. Next week is Dog Man Star and the following week is my favorite, Coming Up. What a blazingly good era for British music.

Take That's tour started. See this post.


Dan said...

You totally called "Love Doesn't Frighten Me" as the highlight of Panic of Girls. The album as a whole is much more solid than pretty much any recent album of theirs.

Good article on the 99 cent Gaga album. I remember back in the late 90s how Titanic videos were a huge loss-leader for most retail outlets, but Gaga beat even that!

D'luv said...

Are you getting all of the Suede reissues or just 'Coming Up'? I'll probably opt for the first three and someday, years from now, check out the latter two (I've actually never heard those last two albums other than the singles).

xolondon said...

I will probably get the first three for kicks. Maybe all at once so I can have a Suede orgy on my bed.

CarolynG said...

Will be reading for a day or two. Great links! The new Patrick Wolf gives me hope for music.

Wondered about the Gaga .99 Amazon deal & the charts. I've got a vague idea what's on the charts these days but no feel for how relevant that is in the long run. Listen mostly to recommendations from friends. Stuff that rarely makes any charts.

countpopula said...

Great mixtape! Lots of information, as usual. I'm picking up the first of the Suede remasters tomorrow--SO excited. Those extra concerts with Bernard Butler in the band have me quivering. How could a band come up with so much quality stuff, that even many of their B-sides equal or surpass some of the album cuts? I would venture to say the first three are ESSENTIAL, while Head Music is quite good (and again has many amazing B-sides), while New Morning showed the strains of a band trying to freshen things up but not really knowing where to go, and Brett with his heroin-ravaged raspy voice--not his best hour. The Tears album he did with Bernard Butler a couple years later was much more on fine form, and I consider it somewhat of a comeback record, even though Suede (the band) wasn't involved. Then Brett made three rather snoozy folk records, so the news Suede are recording again is pure heaven! Now Pulp needs to start making new music again--that last Jarvis Cocker album was tragic.

Rufus with Mark Ronson? Alison Moyet with Guy Sigsworth? BRING IT ON!

The Bjork has me rather on edge. Will it be Volta pt. 2?

I must be one of the few who really like the Human League album. Maybe it's just not the right time for this production sound, although I think it may sit better in retrospect over time. Sometimes one or two albums in a career can sound out of place, but looking back, Credo really isn't that different from some other albums of theirs.

Will Progressed be worth repurchasing?

I would like to thank you for the Wild Beasts recommendation. I just heard the whole record today, and WOW. Contender for album of the year, I think. Can I take that, Sarah Nixey, and Lady Gaga all in one week? With a week like that, it'll be a tough year for choosing a favorite (and a fantastic one)!

El MarvelOso said...

I still love the Rumer album. You are the only person I know who has heard it and doesn't like it!

xolondon said...

I know! I wonder if my review will get mean letters? I am not sure why she grates on me so much. She has a gorgeous voice.

El MarvelOso said...

Perhaps more fiber? :-)

xolondon said...

Watch it, mister.

El MarvelOso said...

lol. you know I love you.