May 20, 2011

I love this house, I love this house

Patrick Wolf's best single in years. Period.

If you like the animals & the birds, you will like this video, in which a lipsticked Patrique's home is overtaken by nature. Does he actually die and end up in the clouds/heaven in the video? Not sure. But it does appear the birds in that house have pooped on his coat. Good luck, no doubt.

You can order his new album Lupercalia (June 20) n a variety of forms here.


CarolynG said...

Such a beautiful song & sentiment. Good to see Patrick doing something joyful & uplifting.

countpopula said...

While the video is his best in a while, the song is truly maybe the best single I've ever heard from him. That being said, I certainly hope his relationship doesn't falter, or it'll be industrial techno and ball-gags again.

Really excited about this. Thanks for the tip!

John said...

I have never been a Patrick Wolf fan...something just never clicked with me, and the reports of his bad behavior didn't help. "Home" just feels more accessible than anything else I've heard. It's as if Brandon Flowers possessed his body.