April 21, 2011

You Need This Song: Lucie Silvas' Roots

I was introduced to this new Lucie Silvas song by another brilliant songwriter, Judie Tzuke (read this). If Lucie's name seems familiar, it's because she's written a lot of songs for other British artists, most notably the heartbreaking Who Am I by Will Young.

Roots begins like an old spiritual, or perhaps a Paul Simon/Graceland moment, but the choir drops to a simple guitar and one voice singing about letting go (or not). She carries the roots theme throughout... "I could pull them up, but they're all that's left. And I'm not ready to lose you yet." A sad, sad song.

This is
the kind of music I loved so much in the 90's, when we had folk/pop artists like Shawn Colvin topping the charts. Can you imagine that now? Roots gradually builds into a big, emotional mid-tempo and, like all great songs, the middle eight is beautiful. You can and should download Roots, which is free for a short time. Do it.

Roots by LucieSilvas

Lucie's next album, Letters to Ghosts, is due soon. If you love Roots as much as I do, you can tell Lucie on Twitter.


Diva Incarnate said...

That was a lovely song by Will.

She came into my old work in 2005 - I had no idea who she was, but a woman (who looked a lot older than her age) from another department came racing over to ask for an autograph. I just continued folding the trousers she bought like it was any other transaction. She had a lot of hair and was in an all black ensemble. My story isn't very good.

Mariela said...

Thanks you. She´s very sweet, her beatiful voice, her feeling...