April 20, 2011

Little Red Scooter and other classics...

Top Ten (Plus One) Prince Songs About Scooters

I Wanna Be Your Scooter
Scooters In The Temple
I Would Scoot 4 U
Little Red Scooter
Scooter Control
Nothing Compares 2 Scoot

The Most Beautiful Scooter In The World
Scooters Can Be So Nice
Gett Off (My Scooter)

Why You Wanna Scoot Me So Bad

and the best...

Sex Scooter

Thanks to Keith Caulfield and Sean Hannan. What did we forget? 


countpopula said...

This must have been what Little Richard looked like to people in the mid-80's when they remembered him from the late 50's and thought...what happened?

His last album was never even released in the US, was it? Ah, the drift into irrelevancy.

Love Sex Scooter! Dance Music Scooter Romance...

Teresa Thomas said...

Diamonds and scooters
Purple Scooter
When a man loves a scooter

Dan said...

I do believe you have forgotten:

Sexy Mother Scooter (or is that cheating?)

xolondon said...

Keep 'em coming and we'll have a boxed set!

Michael said...

I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Scooter
Around The World In A Scooter
Scooter Don't Matter 2 Night
My Name Is Scooter And I Am Funky
Christopher Tracy's Scooter
Ronnie Talk To Scooter
Scooter City (with Sheila E)
Irresistible Scooter
(Everybody's Looking For) The Scooter
Starfish & Scooter

John said...

Scooter Street
Planet Scooter
If I Was Your Scooter
Do Me Scooter (I laughed out loud as I typed that)
The Scooter of Orion
New Power Scooter
My Name is Scooter
The Most Beautiful Scooter in the World
Nothing Compares 2 Scooter

Diva Incarnate said...

2 Whom It May Scooter
The Holy Scooter
A Scooter's Gotta Have It
Beginning Scooterlessly
Condition of the Scooter
Damned If I Scoot
Just As Long As We Scoot Together
All The Scooters Love U In New York
Another Lonely Scooter
I Love Scoot But I Don't Trust Scoot Anymore

xolondon said...

All The Scooters Love U In New York - brilliant.

Something In The Scooter (Does Not Compute)?

Blake said...

"How Come U Don't Scoot Me Anymore?"