April 28, 2011

Florrie: Ain't too proud to beg

London popstrel Florrie is back with a new single called Begging Me. Like her last few, this was done with Xenomania (and Fred Falke). It has the lush midtempo sound of my favorite Xenomania classics like Girls Aloud's Call The Shots and The Loving Kind, and Pet Shop Boys' wistful The Way It Used To Be (nsfw). I like 'em a little mournful and emotionally on edge.

That Florrie is a part of the Xenomania family is notable. After years of pop domination, it appeared that the "empire" was tumbling. This music has all the hallmarks of what made Xeno quality stuff or, at the very least, worth a listen.

Florrie, who knows her way around a red lipstick tube, has even done a video...

Begging Me is for sale now on iTunes everywhere (see links here) and a full
EP is out May 26. Her last single was great too.


Tim said...

"Popstrel"... is that really a word? :)

xolondon said...

On this blog it is.

Paul said...

ok this is actually quite nice :)