April 19, 2011

CocknBullKid: FREE remix

That's the cover of CocknBullKid's May 23rd debut album, Adulthood. A few weeks back, I wrote about how her new single, Asthma Attack, is the best yet (could it be the "London, I love you" chorus?). There's a level of calm and restraint in CocknBullKid's work that I really admire right now... not every artist needs to be creating overly dense tunes layered in pretension. This is like "Obamapop" and Anita Blay is the cool emissary.

Here is a FREE, legit MP3 of the excellent Wawa Mix, which gives the song some extra bounce but doesn't kill the melody or emotion of the original. Download it now...

CocknBullKid - Asthma Attack (WAWA Remix) by Stayloose

You can also pre-order Adulthood and follow Anita on Twitter.

I'll come and I'll go, I'll to and I'll fro...

RuPaul doesn't need to teach Anita how to werque, does she? She's got that walk down pat.

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