March 28, 2011

Yasmin: The end is the beginning

These are such treacherous times in the music biz that it's dangerous to get attached to developing artists. If they release a single that doesn't fly, they're done (just ask MPHO, Alex Gardner, Mini Viva, Ed Drewett, etc etc). London artist Yasmin is about to release her second single, Finish Line and - this is rare these days - she ticks all my boxes. Great track (she writes her own stuff), lush club mixes, stunning face, solid video, cool artwork. And now we hear that she is recording her long-player with none other than Starsmith (Ellie Goulding, Kylie, etc), among others. Let's hope some harsh record exec doesn't break our hearts, because this single transcends the malaise pop music is in right now (think anything with the ubiquitous Dr Luke sound).

Finish Line is out May 8th... and can anyone tell me what the yeah-yeah-yeah interpolation is at 2:35? [Update: It's the ad libs at 2:47 on Stevie Wonder's As, also covered by George Michael & Mary J Blige]

and her 2010 single, On My Own. Both songs have a pleasing touch of the 90's

Follow Yasmin on Twitter and watch her interview with Louie of wotyougot.

Finally, my favorite mix, Freemasons Pegasus Club Mix. Massive.



Michael said...

I've liked both her singles, but it's the Freemasons remix that blows me away. I think it's their best since the Solange mixes.

Which reminds me, we need to hear from Solange again soon.

JimmySteele said...

Love her. I posted an article about her a few weeks ago, and yes, agree re the Freemasons remix. Love, love, love it.

xolondon said...

@Michael - Falke has taken a tumble but Freemasons seem to be killin' it lately!

@Jimmy - just added your blog to my Google Reader!

Dave said...

Oh, she is rather fantastic, thank you for this. Starsmith is really battling Epworth for producer du jour.

And I can't take credit for this, but I need to know - a YouTube comment stalk informed me that the "yeah-yeah-yeah" interpolation is from 'As' by Mary J Blige and George Michael. I can sleep now.

xolondon said...

Dave- that was driving me crazy! You are right! Originally done by Stevie Wonder and covered faithfully by GM/MJB.

John said...

Freemasons raved about their "Finish Line" remix via Twitter once they completed it, so I admit to having high expectations for it, as I'm a huge Freemasons fan.

Hearing it for the first time and discovering it was a fast-slow-fast mix a la Kelly Rowland's "Work" and their recent re-do of George Michael's "I Want Your Sex," and not a full, front-to-back banger (like Alexis Jordan's "Good Girl), well, I was disappointed.

Of course, now it's totally grown on me. Thus is the brilliance of Freemasons.