March 5, 2011

Patrick Wolf's next single, House

Patrick Wolf's new video journal features a live version of his extraordinary upcoming single, House. The best yet from his new album, Lupercalia.

He recently talked to Digital Spy about the album, out in May 30:
There's a song called Bermondsey Street, which is a love song for a straight couple and a gay couple. It's for the straight couple to realize that the gay couple are experiencing the same emotion of love, but that it just happens to be between the same sex. I wanted to try and eradicate the prejudices that come with gay love. I also love The Days, which is like a wedding waltz song, and Together, which has a classic disco production with an amazing string section.
The tracklist for Lupercalia:

1. The City video
2. House
3. Bermondsey Street
4. The Future
5. Armistice
6. William
7. Time Of My Life video
8. The Days
9. Slow Motion
10. Together
11. The Falcons

video via
The Quietus.The previous video journal is here.


Anonymous said...

I was just listening to 'The City' when I noticed your blog about 'House'... crikey, I can hardly reconcile this Patrick Wolf with the one I knew through his music of the past few years. I'm thrilled with this new material and the new attitude. He radiates! I'm used to hearing edge, but never joy, from Patrick, and I've seen some fans actually criticising him for this, which is absurd! The sound is very pop-80s and reminiscent of Jim Kerr and Simple Minds, which can't be a bad thing! Love it! And thank you, Stephen!

xolondon said...

I know! I felt like his persona and behavior on the last album was just .. unappealing, esp after I had seen him be very sweet live. He seems to have gone through positive changes.

DanProject76 said...

Happy time tunes! I love miserable stuff too but the current Wolf is rather appealing.