March 26, 2011

My Name Is Stevie Nicks: A witchy new Stevie preview

She is a magical gift that keeps on giving, 40 years into her career. My Beloved Stevie Nicks has just released a "preview" trailer for her May 3rd album, In Your Dreams.

Top Ten + 1 Great (Or Not) Things About Stevie Nicks' New Youtube Clip

1 White horses and fog. In Stevie's LA backyard.
2 Ye olde Renaissance fair styling mixed with...
3 Shockingly, Stevie in a black pantsuit working a Maryann (True Blood Demon) thing
4 The same damned pier Patrick Wolf hangs out at with his Abercrombie crew
5 A bunch of little girls you just know are Stevie's godchildren, nieces, etc etc
6 One of those girls posing as a trendy, Wilson Phillips-y faux vampire
7 Tacky McMansion with murals and Scarlet O'Hara staircase moments
8 The legendary Sharon and Lori, Stevie's ye olde background lady singers
9 Two Stevie staples: twirling and spoken word bits about herself said from a third person POV
10 Dave Stewart inserting himself into the visuals far too often. Exit stage, David.
11 A cute owl, a Stevie Nicks variant of "putting a bird on it."

The first single from the album, Secret Love, is on sale now. In this juicy-as-fuck new Guardian piece, she says the song is so old (1972) she "honestly cannot remember" which rock star she wrote it about. She also says a new Fleetwood Mac album is due in 2012 (Note: reason to live), and utters this gem of a quote about Sheryl Crow adopting children:
I want to have complete freedom. Sheryl does not have complete freedom now. She doesn't! But that's what she wanted. She wanted a baby. And I have a Yorkie Chinese crested dog. I'm happy with that.
And yes, Stevie's people (or coven, as it were) are on Twitter, though she famously vowed never to do it.


Christopher said...

Everything about this preview, the imagery AND the songs is delicious & exquisite. This is Stevie in theatrical style & sonics to the hilt! And the lyrics/poems, as always, add such aura and substance.
Ahhhh Bliss.... my head just exploded into chiffon bits and pieces.

countpopula said...

Did I miss the Fleetwood Mac album? If it's supposed to come out in 2010...

Certainly they wouldn't release a group album the same year she puts a solo one out, right? That's a lot of touring for her all of a sudden.

xolondon said...

Oh yes, Count, the FM album came out in Dec. Did you miss it? LOL I need you on payroll as an editor. 2012 is the correct year.

*Loved* the chiffon comment, Christopher.

DanProject76 said...


I like to think she dresses up like that all the time and constantly has an owl on her shoulder except when taking a massive white horse for walkies.